Kundalini Minimalista Carménère (Natural Wine)


Kundalini Minimalista Carménère

Kundalini Minimalista Carménère

Kundalini Minimalista Carménère is a single varietal Carménère wine made in Chile, specifically in the Central Valley area, by the winery Le Domaine Kundalini. A natural wine.

A full-bodied wine, with great character and personality, with a fairly complex tasting, although with well-worked tannins, some astringency is perceived at the beginning that after the first glass tends to disappear.

In view leaves us a fairly dark cherry red color, covered, with garnet reflections and even a hint of purple. Abundant tears.

Nose of medium to high intensity. Ripe fruit, with hints of liquorice. Floral contributions, light spicy, mineral-vegetable touches. Slightly sweet.

The attack on the palate presents a certain dryness at the beginning that soon passes, leaving a good presence of ripe fruit accompanied by good acidity that allows it to leave a good structure and good cellaring capacity as well. Slight bitterness on the palate with a very good volume. Tasty, fleshy, with good persistence and a long finish.

A wine that after tasting deserves the rating of Very Good, reaching a score of 90 points. It gives a good insight into the single varietal Carménère wines produced in this area of Chile. Natural Wine of Chile.


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