Heredad Morán & López Bodega y Viñedos, a five-year history that sets a style


Heredad Morán & López Bodega y Viñedos, a five-year history that sets a style

This is one of those visits that we love to make. And the fact is that this young project that produces its wines under the protection of the D.O. Bierzo, Heredad Morán & López Bodega y Viñedos, was born in 2019, producing its first wine, its young mencía, Heredad 26 Mencía 2019, which we had the pleasure of being able to taste even before it was labeled.

It is a project that we have seen born and that, in this year 2023, celebrates five years of work that has allowed it to achieve national and international recognition, as well as confirming our sensations that indicated to us that it was going to have a great future.

Own vineyard by flag

From that young mencía wine, today the family of wines they produce has grown considerably, but always with the maxim that they told us from the beginning, always working their own vineyards, knowing at all times the vineyard, the soils, seeking the minimum intervention, maximum respect for the ecosystem of the vineyard, seeking at all times that the grape is the one that gives the wine the maximum expressiveness and typicality of the varietal they work with.

In this new visit we have made to Bodegas Heredad Morán & López, we have been able to see how it has grown in vineyard area and in variety and volume of wines produced.

Logically, Mencía continues to be the varietal they work with the most, typical of El Bierzo. But they have been including white wines made with Godello, so ‘from El Bierzo’ as well, to their wine offer. There is also a rosé wine, Buleza Rosado, where the varietal used is the red Mencía by bleeding.

Their wines and awards

If we talk about the red wines that they now have in their offer, they continue to produce their Heredad 26 Mencía as a young wine (without barrel aging). A wine that has obtained in its last vintage (2022), so far this year, Gold in the Terruño Awards, Gold in the Pisado Awards and Gran Oro in the CINVE International Competition, something that shows that their young mencía has a really spectacular style.

This wine is accompanied by its Heredad 26 Roble, a red wine also single varietal aged for 6 months in 225-liter French oak barrels. In its 2020 vintage, it is a wine with Silver in the Bacchus and also Silver in the Best of Spain Wine Challenge Netherlands.

Also with Mencía, but in this case a rosé wine, the one we mentioned before, Buleza Rosé, made by bleeding in the traditional way and which has achieved just over a month ago the recognition of the second Pisado Awards for the best rosé wine in the province of León, something very remarkable since it competed with the rosés made in the D.O. León, where the ‘prieto picudos’ rosés are recognized nationally.

Within the range of white wines, all of them made from Godello, we find the Valdesalas Godello, the Heredad 26 Godello Lías and the Heredad Altos de Talana.

The Valdesalas Godello is the youngest of the family, fresh, fruity, lively in the mouth, an easy-drinking wine that seeks the profile of the young drinker who is looking for a casual wine to enjoy from the first to the last sip. A wine with a Bronze medal in the Terruño Awards.

Now with aging on lees, we find Heredad 26 Godello Lías, a wine with 5-6 months of resting on its lees, which gives it a great unctuousness, aromatic power and depth in the mouth, without losing at any time the freshness of this varietal. With its last vintage on the market (the new one is about to be released), it has Great Gold in the CINVE International Competition, Silver in the Real Casino de Madrid competition and Silver in Spain Selection 2023.

And as the flagship of the winery within the white wines, we find its Heredad Altos de Talana, a Godello wine with 12 months of aging in French oak barrels and 6 months of refining in bottle of which there are only two vintages yet, but in both it has obtained recognition by getting a Gold Bacchus in the Bacchus Awards 2022 and 2023.

All the wines they make have been achieving recognition in the different competitions in which they have participated, always with the winery’s own style and always looking for different drinker profiles.

This is where we believe the winery’s success lies: a young group that is always attentive to what consumers demand, seeking to produce wines that adapt to all tastes. For this reason we believe that it is impossible for any lover of good wines not to find one that suits their preferences within the range of wines produced by this winery from Bierzo.


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