Carboy Winery Debuts Its Grand Line of Sparkling Wines


Carboy Winery Debuts Its Grand Line of Sparkling Wines 

Carboy Winery, one of Colorado’s most well-known and largest wine operations, is ecstatic to announce the launch of its new line of sparkling wines: The GRAND series. The six new wines in the GRAND portfolio join Carboy’s ever expanding line of premium still and sparkling wines.

The GRAND line consists of three tiers; two tiers made using the Charmat method, and one made in the traditional method. While the introductory tier (Carboy’s GRAND Blanc de Blanc and GRAND Brut Rosé) tells our tale of our two states, the Premier and Cuvée lines showcase the extraordinary terroir and unmistakable typicity of Colorado’s Grand Valley. Carboy plans to produce over 6,000 cases of sparkling wine in 2023!

“With the GRAND series, we wanted to create a product line that pays tribute to our home state’s enriched agriculture and abundant winemaking opportunities.” says Carboy CEO Kevin Webber. “We believe that the popularity of sparkling wine is at an all time high, and could be the future for our state. What better way to celebrate Colorado’s story than with a bottle of bubbly, or six for that matter!”

Carboy Winery opened its fourth location at Mt. Garfield Estates in Palisade in September 2021, accompanied by the construction of a new 4,000 square foot sparkling wine facility. Carboy began ramping up production of the company’s growing sparkling wine program last year by adding five state-of-the-art Charmat tanks.

The Charmat method is a sparkling winemaking process that facilitates a base wine undergoing secondary fermentation in stainless steel pressure tanks to trap bubbles and create an elegantly refreshing sparkling wine. The most emblematic of the Charmat method is Italian Prosecco. The process typically takes two to six weeks (a much shorter time than the traditional method), and because these wines are bottled without aging, they have a fresh fruit-forward character, making an ideal fit for some of the aromatic grape varieties for which Colorado is becoming known.

A back-to-back “Best of Show” winner of Colorado’s annual Governor’s Cup wine competition with their Colorado-grown Teroldego, Carboy is also finding early success with their sparkling wines. Carboy Winery was recently awarded a double gold & Best in Class in the Sparkling Wine category for its GRAND Cuvée at the Sunset International Wine Competition. This wine will officially debut at The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen this weekend!

“We’re so excited to finally release these incredible wines, and to launch them at Food & Wine on the heels of receiving a “Best in Class” from a publication like Sunset, it is an amazing start to what we hope is a bright, resilient future.” says Webber.

Later this summer, Carboy plans to further highlight its foray into becoming a sparkling house by launching a new sparkling wine club dubbed Grand Mousseux. As Colorado’s first sparkling exclusive club, Carboy’s effervescent allocations will offer a wide variety of Colorado and Washington wines, beautifully blending two stunning states into one Grand membership.

Look for the new GRAND line in retail stores during the Summer of 2023. The GRAND Blanc de Blanc and Brut Rose will be available in many retail outlets including Whole Foods in Colorado. The Premier line will be available Fall of 2023. All GRAND wines will be available as they release in Carboy’s four tasting rooms throughout the state and on the company’s website for shipping directly to out-of-state consumers.

Signature sparkling wine events will follow at Carboy locations throughout the year to toast the future of sparkling wine in the Centennial state!


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