2016 Frontera Late Harvest


2016 Frontera Late Harvest

2016 Frontera Late Harvest

2016 Frontera Late Harvest is a Chilean wine produced by the Fontera winery (part of the Concha y Toro group) in the Limari Valley, as a sweet wine, one of the so-called ‘dessert’ wines, with the Muscat of Alexandria varietal.

In a still glass, it has an intense, bright and clean golden color, with a movement in the glass with glyceric touches, with steely and amber reflections.

The nose is complex, high intensity, with the presence of slightly raisined fruit, such as apples, peaches and some light citrus contribution, combined with the contributions of aging with smoky touches, nuts, honeyed.

The palate has a sweet attack but not at all cloying, with only 12º of alcohol that gives it a light passage through the palate, clashing very well the acidity of the fruit with the sweetness of the elaboration. The palate has good volume, with hints of the aging process such as dried fruits. Very good persistence and a fairly long finish.

A wine that after tasting deserves the rating of Very Good, reaching a score of 89 points.

This is a sweet wine different from the PX we can have in Spain, where the higher alcoholic strength gives them a greater power in its tasting.


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