Manzanos 125 Aniversario Reserva Especial 2009

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Manzanos 125 Aniversario Reserva Especial 2009

Manzanos 125 Aniversario Reserva Especial 2009 is a jewel of a reserve wine produced by Bodegas Manzanos Azagra under the DOCa Rioja. A reserve that is far from the classics, mostly Tempranillos from this area, since we are dealing with a wine that is made with 90% Graciano and only 10% Tempranillo. Grapes from two different vineyards. The first, located in La Planilla in San Adrián, is the oldest Graciano vineyard in this Denomination (8 dates from 1940). The second, Finca Los Poyatos in Azagra, is the one that produces Tempranillo with an age of the vines of around 40 years.

If it is already difficult to find wines with a majority presence of Graciano, the fact of the age of the vineyards, adds an extra complexity and character to the taste of this wine.

It is fermented in open 300-litre barrels with daily punching down. After maceration, it undergoes malolactic fermentation in new and second-year French barrels. It spends 36 months in barrels and is later refined in a concrete tank where it spends a minimum of 24 months. You see that we are facing a long and complex aging.

A wine with character, powerful, with very good structure and great aging capacity, thanks to the good work of the Graciano, with a lot of freshness in the case of a 2009, to which the Tempranillo helps. In view, it is a wine that leaves a ruby ​​color in the still glass, with dark tones, high layer, great intensity, clean and bright in the still glass. When moved, it leaves a wide and slightly glyceric tear, with tattered edges that indicate the long aging and evolution of the wine.

Fairly high intensity nose, complex but frank in aromas. I advise you to let the wine open to appreciate the nuances (we are talking about a 2009). We might think that tertiary aromas would predominate, but this is not the case. At first a lot of fruit appears, both red and black (blackberries, cherries, strawberries,…). They intensify when the glass is aerated, with vegetable touches, menthol contributions, spices from the barrel, light toasted notes, coffee, some aroma of chocolate, with a mineral background. Complex and balanced.

Wide attack on the palate, with very good acidity, very good structure, silky, warm and elegant on the palate. Present and well defined tannins. Good volume in the mouth that leaves us with a great persistence and a really long finish.

A mostly Graciano wine from old vines, without a doubt, far from the long aging of the majority of Tempranillo. Tasting that will allow you to enjoy an excellent job with this complex varietal.

After its tasting, this Manzanos 125 Aniversario Reserva Especial 2009 is a wine that deserves the rating of Excellent, reaching a score of 95 points.


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