2021 Heredad Morán & López Buleza Mencía

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Buleza Mencía

2021 Heredad Morán & López Buleza Mencía

D.O. Bierzo

Vinification: Pre-fermentative maceration and extraction by bleeding.

Visual phase: cherry colour of medium intensity and depth, with some bluish reflections in movement.

Nose: a fresh wine, red fruit, light floral notes, a herbaceous and mineral finish. Hints of jelly beans, strawberries, raspberries, cherry, with a lot of freshness and a touch of complexity.  

Tasting phase: fresh attack but, at the same time, with character, leaving the palate silky, elegant, full of red fruit, a very present acidity that gives it a liveliness throughout the palate. A round wine in its passage, with a good persistence.  

Sobrelias Score: 91 (very good) 

Bierzo is a wine region in the northwest of Castilla y Leon, Spain, close to the region’s borders with Galicia (to the west) and Asturias to the north. The Bierzo viticultural area consists of two parts: Bierzo Alto (high Bierzo), a mineral-rich and mountainous terrain where terraced vineyards are sewn into the slopes, and Bierzo Bajo (low Bierzo), a wide and verdant plain.

Bierzo was accorded DO status in 1989 and in the past few years has experienced a surge in popularity thanks to the high-profile winemaker Alvaro Palacios of Priorat fame establishing vineyards there.

Bierzo’s soil is different from that found in other parts of Castilla y Leon in that it contains a predominance of slate and granite. This favors the Mencia vines and helps them to produce wines with a distinct mineral character. The wines tend to be lighter in terms of alcohol and more refreshing than those from other parts of Castilla y León.


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